How to Minimize the Effects of Divorce on Your Child

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Going through a Divorce is not only painful for the parents but also their children. In case you are going through a divorce as a parent, it is important that you protect your child from suffering as well. Below are some of the ways through which you can reduce the effects of a divorce on your child.

Filter out the information you are feeding your child about your divorce. There are things that they may not need to know about why you are divorcing (e.g., Infidelity). Informing your child about your partner’s infidelity may turn the child against the parent, and you will hurt both of them.

Try to control your attitude during the divorce. It is important to understand that the level of trauma being experienced by your child is determined the experience the child will go through at that time. If you become cold and hot-tempered, your child will suffer a lot. No matter how painful it is to you, do not let out your frustrations on your children.

Assure your child(ren) that there is nothing to worry about and that everything will be okay regardless of their parents parting ways. Your child can go into depression if you let them think that their future is uncertain.

Let your children know that you are always there to listen to them. During the divorce period, children tend to have a lot of questions because of the anxiety that comes with divorces. Do not brush them off; instead, listen to them and answer honestly where necessary but remember that not everything should be told to the children.

Give the children to make choices on their own. Since you will now be living in separate houses with your partner, the children should be allowed to decide when and for how long they want to stay with either parent. You should ensure that you have them involved in any decision you make that affects their well-being.