Preparing For Golden Retriever Puppies

It is important to consider whether or not Golden Retriever puppies are right for you before you choose to add one to your household. This may be the right breed for you if you want a large and athletic dog. If you want a cheerfully natured dog with a wagging tail or if you want a dog that is up for various athletic activities and needs vigorous exercise, a dog that is dependable with most people and has a very steady temperament.

If you have other animals you want your dog to get along with or if you want a dog that will be eager to please you and therefore quite responsive to when do golden retrievers shed a Golden Retriever is for you. For certain people these are factors that will attract them to the breed and for others they can also be factors that will turn them away from the breed. Before deciding whether or not a Golden Retriever puppy is right for you based on the above factors you also need to consider some negative points.

Until Golden Retriever puppies turn about three years old they will be very vigorous. This means you will have a puppy that will romp and jump a lot, resulting in flying objects and people a lot of the time. Therefore, Golden Retriever puppies may not be best for households with small children, the elderly or the infirmed. However, you can still get an older Golden Retriever rather than a puppy if you still like the idea of getting a Golden Retriever even if you have people like this in your household. It is too much of a temptation for the puppy to rough play.

The Golden Retriever puppy will experience joint and bone problems and eye diseases as it ages so another factor you want to consider is health problems. The Golden Retriever is one of the riskiest breeds when it comes to health problems because of over breeding and poor breeding practices. Grooming is yet another area to consider since their feathered coat will require you to do regular brushing and combing along with the occasional trim.

Another issue you want to consider is separation anxiety. Golden Retriever puppies experience this more than other breeds which means they require a lot of companionship and should only be left alone for a few hours at a time. Their unhappiness at being left alone for longer periods of time will be expressed through various destructive behaviors such as barking and chewing. Therefore, Golden Retriever puppies may not be right for you if you can’t be home during the day.

The shedding and odor factor may also be something you want to consider. The Golden Retriever sheds more than any other breed, even when you pet them the fur will come off on your hands. After coming off, their fur sticks like glue to clothing, upholstery and carpeting. So be prepared to do a lot of vacuuming. The breed also has the permanent dog odor that many don’t like, even with constant bathing it can be difficult to complete get rid of this smell.