Special event of Durga Puja inside of West Bengal – Nothing Short of a Bienalle?

The Durga Enfrentamiento festival in Kolkata

Durga Puja, which means ‘worshipping Empress Durga’ is a new celebration that is recognized across many parts associated with India, but most particularly in the capital city with the state of West Bengal, namely Calcutta, or maybe right now referred to as Kolkata. This celebration rejoices the mythical wining involving the Goddess Durga on the demon Mahishashura, or metaphorically the win of great more than evil. The celebration can be celebrated by young families and even pals alike and with good fervor and even excitement. A new trip in order to West Bengal with this winter would not be total without participating in often the celebrations of the Durga Puja .

Often the Pandals

This event will be celebrated throughout the city of Kolkata for almost 10 times. Prior to the commencement associated with the festival, the city is usually busy with resulting in the pandals for the occasion. Pandals consist of transient platforms that are created for often the idols to help stand with during the celebrations. A single can call them ephemeral temples of sorts. This making of these pandals is definitely a time having and sophisticated process together with really is exciting in order to watch. These pandals usually are scattered through the area over the festival, and are frequented by way of most connected with the city dwellers. In fact, pandal hopping (a use pub hopping) is a common activity for most during this 12 time period. One will easily wander from one particular pandal to another, even though most popular ones may require a great hour connected with standing in a new queue! Travelling to West Bengal to witness sheer belief and piety can turn out to be worth it.

Each pandal is definitely examined as well as presided over simply by one or quite a few priests. All these priests chant prayers, conduct rituals and even pass on benefits.

The immersion of the idols in the Ganges

With the end result of that extravaganza, the idols are immersed into the Riv Ganges in Kolkata. The smaller idols are submerged through the banks itself, while the much larger idols are taken to the middle of the lake and sunken into typically the depths. Although it can be a fascinating custom to see, a single cannot help however speculate the negative effects this particular must have on the river body in addition to it has the inhabitants. I am hoping the fact that these customs that were created centuries ago will be modified to meet typically the needs regarding today’s age group. Surely there has to be other less drastic plus more environmental pleasant techniques of showcasing faith and faithfulness. Alas, around this country, where shades beliefs is handled since the virtue, the phone numbers of people to firmly question traditional customs are very couple of.