Why New Year’s Resolutions are Important

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On New Year’s Eve, everyone probably sits down to look at their resolutions for the past year. That’s exactly what happens on every new years podcast episode. However, you may find out that you achieved only 60% of what you had written down a year ago. That is not a bad percentage because some of the resolutions may not have been even achievable. Therefore, your success rate could be even much better than that.

If you focus your energy on your plans, you will achieve them. Therefore, resolutions are meant to give you a new hope and help you to focus on your desires. When you have your New Year resolutions, you divide your plans into small manageable sections. You should avoid the common thought that it’s hard to stick to your resolutions. Once you shun such thoughts and become persistent, it becomes more achievable.

For instance, your resolutions may be, getting married, quit smoking, and traveling the world. As the year moves along, you may get married, but your spouse ends up becoming a smoker, making it difficult for you to quit. Secondly, you may need the money you intended to use to travel the world for other things such as buying a home now that you are married. In this case, you will have achieved just one out of three. But this does not mean you failed, you have made much than you may think.

Resolutions help you to become a better person or to become the individual you aspire to be. Although you may not achieve all of them, accomplishing 20% of them will push you a step ahead. Besides, trying to achieve 100% of your resolutions is an unrealistic mission. Therefore, you should just put in the required effort and focus on making small strides.

Having New Year resolutions also helps you to review your past year and also get to know what to predict about the future. You also get to know what you are lacking and what is a hindrance to achieving your long term goals. Then you can pull resources together and start planning on how you can achieve your plans.