Review of Love Rules Book about Casual Hookup Online

It’s very thoughtful you have a great analogy that is throughout the book you kind of compare dating to dieting. And you say there’s junk food there’s junk love.

Right and there’s snacks. And sometimes snacks what you need.But snacks can also lead you to feeling hungry or later in the day. And I I think of it as a diet book for love.Because food and love have so much in common. Right we have huge appetites for both. And a little bit of junk food is fine but over the long haul you actually want a mixed nutritious diet to give you energy.And you don’t want to spend all your emotional calories as I call them on people who aren’t worth it.

So what does that mean like I said you were gonna give us some tough love. I mean what does that mean in the in the practical and when you say you somebody’s having junk love like junk food.Is that someone you’re like oh I just like this person cuz they’re good-looking or looking for the right thing.

I think it means being honest with yourself. About what you actually want. And matching that against what you think the other person wants. And sometimes there’s no alignment. Hopefully there is. And there are there are lots of pages to fill out in the book it’s a bit of a workbook for people too.So that you can be your own data analytics expert. Track your own behavior understand your trigger points when you go for people that aren’t suitable. Or when you call an ex because you’ve got nothing to do on a Saturday night. And then you end up the next morning full of data remorse.

It’s like I mean you kind of have to do an inventory of yourself in the 30 seconds I have. There is no such thing as a casual hookup. Here all about casual dating culture and sites like backpage. What do you mean by that?

Well I really mean that if you want to have the French fries have the French fries. I think of hookups like french fries. But don’t think that you can exist entirely on a diet of french fries. At some point you’re going toget scurvy.

Joanna thank you so much you always have a way of putting things that the book is called Love rules.